Classroom phone Features and Tips

Tips and Features for your Classroom Phone

The following information is provided to help you use your phone.

How to Dial another teacher or staff member. With your phone, you have the ability to call any other teacher in your building and any staff or administrator directly using their 4 digit extension. You do not have the ability to call another teacher in another building directly (a feature added to avoid classroom interruption - you will receive their voicemail). You also have the ability to leave a voicemail message for any staff member of teacher in the District.

Directory of Extensions:

  • Inside District:                                                 411
  • Outside District:                                              #

How to dial an outside line. Codes have been added to the classroom phones to keep students from using the phones without permission. With your code you can dial anywhere outside the district.

Step 1. Dial the desired Phone Number.

Step 2. When the Automated Attendant asks for your code, key in your four digit code (email me if you don't have it) and press #